Studio Apartment
Efficiency Floorplan

The architects and interior decorators of Marquis Middle apartments in Lexington, collaborated  to create the perfect environment  for your creative soul.  Our studios are designed to optimize space, with open loft style floor plans and exposed ceilings.  Each studio has its own private bath, ceiling fans, wall-mounted flat screen televisions and high energy savings appliances, […]

1 Bedroom Apartment
1 Bedroom Floorplan

Sometimes you need a little more space.  More leg room.  A larger floor plan for your antique salt-and-pepper collection.  (OK.  Not really…)  Only three one-bedroom apartments are available.    Our one bedroom apartments have all the amenities of your Marquis Middle neighbors because every apartment is furnished with the same high efficiency appliances, microwaves, dishwashers, washer […]

2 Bedroom Apartment
2 Bedroom Floorplan

What is the saying?  “Two heads are better than one”? Sometimes life gives us doubles.  Need another bedroom?  Want to watch reality shows with a roommate?  Each bedroom in our two-bedroom apartment has its own cool attached bathroom.  Privacy you want and deserve. Enjoy your designer living space, polished concrete floors, and open loft style […]